Lotion Yon-Ka revisited by Lovisa Burfitt

This unique product is more than just a toner, a treatment, a vivifying mist, is a true phytoaromatic fountain of beauty

With the star active ingredient: Yon-Ka Quintessence

One bottle is sold worldwide every 3 minutes!

The 2020 edition of Lotion Yon-Ka is a product developed by women, in packaging designed by a woman, intended for all women. This year, Yon-Ka wanted to give its famous toner a twist. For the 2020 limited edition, the theme is French chic.

Since 2014, this bestseller has been beautifully reinterpreted by female artists who are
particularly sensitive to nature, grace, and elegance.

About this limited edition

About Lovisa Burfitt

The brand hired Lovisa Burfitt, one of the most renowned Scandinavian fashion illustrators and a resident of France since the aughts. Lovisa was able to perfectly capture the essence of the brand. She used quick, impressionist strokes to draw two elegant, radiant figures in a nod to the two sisters who run the company today.

These figures are bursting with energy, creating a spectacular contrast between refinement and tachism (a painting style using imprecisely shaped colored elements). They are faceless so any woman can identify with them. The colors are echo those of the French flag to highlight the “Made in France” origin of the products

Lovisa Burfitt:

  • Born in Sweden in 1973
    One of the most renowned Scandinavian fashion illustrators

Her style :

  • Quick, impressionistic lines full of energy
  • Refinement and inkblocks
  • International clients (Harrods, Jimmy Choo, Vogue, Elle, …)
    Lives and works in Southern France (Provence)


Yon-Ka’s commitment

The consumers of today, and even more so tomorrow, are drawn more and more to brands that practice activism and respect for the environment. Yon-Ka has never needed to make a change, since nature conservation has always been one of its core values. The brand loves plants and is excited about contributing its best to beauty. It has always been committed to protecting and preserving the natural world.


  • A supply of natural ingredients with respect for biodiversity and people in order to limit the environmental impact thanks to sustainable supply chains.
  • A more responsible packaging approach : all boxes, plastic tubes, glass bottles and leaflets are 100% recyclable*, leaflets are printed with vegetable-based ink; the brand works in tandem with a Swedish company that is on the list of the one-hundred most sustainable development-friendly businesses in the world. The company manufactures cardboard boxes made from sustainably managed trees… and Yon-Ka is exploring several new opportunities.
  • A production site more and more respectful of the environment.
  • A support for the nonprofit organization “Un toit pour les abeilles’’ (A roof for our bees). This year, as has been the case since 2014, Yon-Ka is continuing its commitment to biodiversity in partnership with the nonprofit organization, both in France and abroad.


Why bees? Remember that their pollination colonies are disappearing in some regions, and are declining at an alarming rate worldwide. Eighty percent of plant species need bees to reproduce. Naturally, Yon-Ka is fighting to save them!

For years, the brand has been raising awareness about bee protection among its subsidiaries and distributors, who are flocking to join the cause. For each Lotion Yon-Ka x Lovisa Burfitt sold, a donation of one euro will be made to the nonprofit organization. Yon-Ka’s contribution, which is tied to sales of Lotion Yon-Ka x Lovisa Burfitt, will continue to fund the planting of flower fields and the protection of 750,000 bees in hives located in Provence. This year, those bees have already produced Yon-Ka approved organic lavender honey and alpine honey.

The incredible success of a French family business


Above all, a story about people.

Sixty-five years after it was founded, Yon-Ka remains an independent, family-run French cosmetics company. Founded in 1954, the small craft brand, developed by botany lovers Cécile, Ernest, and Charles Mühlethaler, with support from chemists, has now become the phyto-aromatherapy benchmark. While Yon-Ka initially targeted physical therapists, it has succeeded in winning over beauticians as well by offering products and treatment protocols with spectacular results. Beauticians now have a privileged role as the brand’s partners.


Nature and science: the keys to skincare.

This approach, which is now very fashionable, was revolutionary at the time. Right from the start, Yon-Ka made the decision to always choose natural ingredients, plant extracts, and essential oils to develop products and treatments that are both effective and enjoyable.

After years of research, the brand made a crucial discovery that led to the rise of an exceptional, concentrated blend with multiple skin benefits. Named Yon-Ka Quintessence, this exclusive complex is composed of five essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme) sourced in the Mediterranean Basin. Yon-Ka Quintessence has so many benefits for the skin that it has become the common thread of the entire product line.



“If you believe in something, do it.”

This was the adage that guided Françoise (biochemist) and Catherine (beautician) Mühlethaler who carried on the family tradition with unlimited enthusiasm, acute sensitivity, and a love for nature, science, and beauty, all with a savoir-faire they honed to perfection over time. That is how the Yon-Ka brand’s success story has played out, both in France and abroad. The two sisters are now considered true pioneers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs.

At a time when business leaders were mostly men, these sisters flew in the face of the status quo and imposed their own rules and visions of beauty and entrepreneurship. They took the helm of the company in 1968, and have never stopped growing the business in keeping with the values their parents passed down to them.

Both sisters have a very avant-garde, disruptive view of wellness and beauty. The heiresses of the brand have been able to successfully build Yon-Ka by developing natural, phyto-aromatic products that also use effective, luxurious active ingredients derived from biotechnology and put to use with precise spa treatment techniques. Together they created the brand’s signature, known as the Yon-Ka Experience.



Lotion Yon-Ka is a beauty water that has won over everyone whose skin craves natural ingredients and a luxurious experience. Delicately applied to the face through a long, continuous, even diffusion, this phyto-aromatic fine beauty mist suffuses the skin with the famous Yon-Ka Quintessence wh ile leaving behind a lovely fragrance.

The Quintessence is a valuable synergistic blend of five beneficial essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme) that gives the face a blast of energy. Skin is refreshed, toned, and rebalanced, primed for the daily skincare routine. Lotion Yon-Ka has been the brand’s iconic product for more than sixty years, and it has
a following both in France and abroad.


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