The Experience of
Phyto Aromatic Skincare

About YonKa Paris

Pioneers in aromatherapy, Laboratoires Multaler created Yon-Ka® Paris phyto-aromatic skincare products in 1954. Yon-Ka is a family-owned, 100% French brand whose products give your skin the most vital elements from plants: their revitalising essential oils filled with energy from the sun and complementary active ingredients (vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, and trace elements).

This combination precisely, gently, and effectively meets the needs of the most demanding skin.

At Yon-Ka
we believe in the power
of phyto-aromatherapy
it’s in our DNA

Our core values: We are passionate about plants and we respect nature. Our researchers are curious and open-minded. And our products must create real results for authentic beauty at every age.

Catherine & Françoise Mühlethaler
Yon-Ka founders

Yon-Ka Face

Explore our face products and bring the benefits of plants to your skin. Yon-Ka has developed a complete range of face care products made with effective, plant-based ingredients working together to bring back radiance, suppleness, and balance to your skin. Yon-Ka has products for specific needs like dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, sagging skin, signs of ageing and more. Explore our face care products and bring the benefits of plants to your skin.

The range includes:

  • Make up Removers & Face Cleansers
  • Face Exfoliators and Masks
  • Face Mists
  • Serums & Boosters
  • Lip and Eye Care Products
  • Day and Night Skincare


Yon-Ka Body

Enhance your body with the Yon-Ka body care range. Products enriched with plant-based active ingredients with aromatic fragrances and luxurious textures.

Each product meets a specific need, such as exfoliating, moisturising, firming, nourishing or slimming. The range also includes targeted skincare products that are draining, slenderising, anti-cellulite or strengthening.

The range includes:

  • Bath & Shower body care
  • Exfoliators & Body Scrubs
  • Dry Body Oils
  • Hydrating Skincare
  • Slimming Products
  • Hand Creams

Natural Efficacy

A combination of four plant sciences and innovative natural active ingredients with proven efficacy

Formulation Excellence

A strict formulation charter developde by our team of high level experts

Spa Treatment Expertise

Unique, globally recognised expertise for completely relaxing treatments

Multi-sensory Experience

A holistic, aromatic experience that erases tension from your body and your mind

Sustainable Commitments

Eco Friendly, 100% French made products and a brand commmited to caring for women and the planet

Yon-Ka Lotion sold every 3 minutes


of ingredients of natural origin on average

countries in which we are present

partners, spas and salons

Yon-Ka treatment ritual experience

Reconnecting with yourself and letting go is the whole experience of a Yon-Ka face or body care journey.

Aromatic and sensorial, holistic and personalised, each skincare ritual combines the olfactory signature of the brand, the art and expertise of chiselled protocols, active ingredients with proven effectiveness and the skill of Yon-Ka certified professionals.

Your skin regains its vital energy and freshness, your tensions dissipate, you feel good, in harmony with yourself and your environment.

Become a Partner

Pioneers of aromatherapy since 1954 and creators of the Yon-Ka brand, Multaler Laboratories, a French and family company, encapsulate the forces of Nature at the heart of expert and sensory formulas, with proven results.

Today, around the world, more than 6,000 professionals have chosen to share The Yon-Ka Phyto-Aromatic Treatment Experience to a clientele in love with naturalness, authenticity and results.

By becoming a Yon-Ka partner, you benefit from the support of our teams:

  • Training
  • Profitability
  • Marketing Activation plans
  • Digital Assets
  • Visibility  at the point of sale

Do you want to become our partner?

To qualified professionals, Yon-Ka offers progressive and continuous training, polysensory and personalized phyto-aromatic treatments for immediately visible results, a real partnership at all stages of their development.

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