Urban Sanctuary Salon and Day Spa Wellington are our Yon-Ka Advocate Salon and Spa.

Embracing the Yon-Ka concept and making this part of their success story for all of their clients and Team.

Yon-Ka has delivered on many levels for this business and the results for Urban Sanctuary clients have been speaking volumes.

The Urban Sanctuary Team are dynamic and energetic and committed to their future growth through education which Yon-Ka provides for their team.

Let’s hear what their thoughts are on our Business:

A. What do you love the most about Yon-Ka?

I love the connection with nature and the fact that Yon-ka draws on the vital energy of plant-based ingredients and essential oils to create products that are able to deliver this same vital energy of nature to repairing and maintaining the natural balance and radiance of the skin.

For us as Spa Therapists we feel confident in knowing we are working with products we can guarantee will deliver positive results which we know our clients will love.

Another endearing aspect of the Yon-Ka company’s ethical structure is their dedication to the preservation of the bee population and their recognition and support of that delicate balance of our world’s eco structure.

B. Why did you choose Yon-Ka?

In Yon-Ka we discovered a perfect match for our holistic focus at Urban Sanctuary and offering our clients’ pure natural plant-based products and ingredients, with none of the known nasty additives. We love their focus on total well-being and relaxation in honouring the entire body and the opportunity for us to bring this subtle aspect of well-being to our treatments and our philosophy.

Not to mention the fact that for us as Therapist it pure “Olfactory Heaven” to be working in an environment of pure sensual delight !!

C. What do you love the most about working with Beauty Sense?

We have the assurance of knowing that we are working with a highly professional group of individuals who are genuinely passionate about the Yon-Ka brand and care about our business growth and success.

Training, mentoring and support is readily available at all times.


Urban Sanctuary is located in the heart of the European inspired Plimmer Steps in downtown Wellington.

From the moment you step through our doors you will begin a journey towards relaxation.
To find out more about their offerings visit their website at http://www.urban-sanctuary.com/