Pier Augé

The skin is made up of Proteins, Lipids, water, and vitamins

Scientists made this breakthrough fifty years ago. The founder of the brand PIER AUGÉ synthesised this reflection and noticed :

“As skin is a formula, it shall be possible to reproduce it”

The BASE DERGYL was born at the beginning of the sixties. A Unique and exclusive concept on which PIER AUGÉ beauty secret is based, the BASE DERGYL reproduces the skin formula and enables it to regain all the elements that it is made of.


Protect the beauty of each skin is the catch-phrase of Pierre Jules Augé

By offering tailor-made treatments which meet the needs of each skin type, the BASE DERGYL respects the epidermis and all its functions. Pierre Jules Augé left to us this unique treatment concept of which PIER AUGÉ products are still permeated even today explaining the loyalty of women and men to the PIER AUGÉ brand.

The  Pier Augé products:


With over 50 years of experience, PIER AUGÉ aim to still look after women’s beauty involving all its specific and controlled know-how. The integrated Research and Development laboratory of PIER AUGÉ selects the best of active ingredients to create high-performing products.


PIER AUGÉ conceives tailor-made products respecting and meeting the needs of all skin types. Dry, sensitive, dehydrated or dull, the skin deserves daily treatments which protect and make it beautiful.


Because it is important for a cosmetic product to be in total harmony with the skin, PIER AUGÉ products give your skin a true feeling of well-being. A unique and exclusive concept, the BASE DERGYL is the beauty secret made by PIER AUGÉ for a lovely, soft and radiant skin.

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