Lucas Championnière

The Lucas Championnière

The Lucas Championnière is the most unique of all atomizers and sprays.

The spray carries plant extracts, herbal teas, essential oils, skin refreshers, and astringents to the face in a very fine mist.

This robust chrome unit features an insulated handle and 2 glass jars. One can be filled with an infusion of essential oils or a mixture of tonic and water. The other catches condensation and drips.

The infusion is mixed with steam in the nozzle to produce a cool steam effect. It is a handheld appliance and can be easily transported between treatment rooms.

Suitable for use on sensitive skin, it is excellent for treating dehydrated, mature, and couperous skin types. It can help hydrate the epidermis and aids in maintaining the skin’s suppleness while also deep cleansing the pores.

The Lucas Championnière complements perfectly with the professional treatment range of Yon-Ka Paris or any professional skin care brand.