ISA: Intelligent Skin Analyser

ISA: Next-generation Skin Analyser

Capturing 10 individual Skin Reports allowing each therapist and operators to prescribe clinically-proven skin care and deliver the report directly to the client’s inbox.

20 Mega Pixel Twin High Definition Camera

ISA: Taking the guesswork out and understanding
the skin into one simple, clear, effective and precise
reporting outcome.


ISA: Acquisition technology and AI:

Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition Technology to accurately measure the current skin condition by providing 3 targeted light sources.

The 3 effective light sources are applied to the epidermis and the dermis which allow an in-depth diagnosis of the layers of the
skin and to specify 10 skin reports which will link to key product recommendations.

  • White Light
  • Polarized Light
  • Ultra-Violet Light

In-built; touchpoint Interactive Screen

  • Cloud-Based System: (easy to operate with WI-FI required)
    easy to operate and use with no added tools or expense for
    the initial set up.
  • Each skin condition allows for an independent
    ZOOM IN:OUT FUNCTION to understand the skin condition
    for both therapist + client.
  • Adjustable position
    function to extend the
    screen and analysis
    and allowing greater
    screen view
  • 10 Independent Skin Functions:
    Skin Quadrant Chart, Radar
    Analysis, Column Analysis
    for Skincare and Lifestyle
  • 3D Capture data has an in-built
    system, which provides a
    cross-section of the skin allowing
    for a detailed analysis and render
    rotating mesh version IE: a zoom
    and 3D cross- section of wrinkle
    depth can then be compared from
    various salon/spa visits to show
    the improvement of in-salon
    treatments and home care
    emphasizing the 70:30 rule (70%
    of results take place at home:
    30% results take place within
    salon treatments)
  • Analysis and Comparative report:
    Analysis graph + Comparative slider
    which allows a screenshot of the skin.
    EXAMPLE: From Visit 1: to Visit 7,
    or from Visit 1 to visit 10.
  • A push report allows for the
    product recommendations to be
    emailed directly to the client’s inbox
    which includes an interactive report
    which the client can engage with to
    understand their skin further.

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